While its origins may be speculative, one thing is for sure that Franzbrötchen is the definitive highlight of Hamburg’s baked delicacies. This distinctive roll generated from the French style butter puff pastry in its dough and the Swedish Kanelbullar in its flavoring is no longer a regional specialty, but can be savored pretty much all over Germany today. However, we in Hamburg take our French rolls seriously – a bi-annual Franzbrötchen competition at the Museum of Hamburg History makes bakeries compete with each other for the best recipe in town and win-over our hearts and minds. Afterall, the Franzbrötchen is our national pride. A popular saying alludes to it being a cure for all sorrow and worry. In the morning or in the evening, for a snack-on-the-go or as an accompaniment to your coffee or tea, there’s never an inappropriate time to bite a Franzbrötchen. So, here’s some of our favorite places try one in Hamburg.


  1.     The Kleine Konditorei – a two-time winner of the Franzbrötchen competition, this 4-outlet chain of bakeries mostly located in the West of the city takes baking in general and its Franzbrötchen in particular as a passion. Roughly about 10,000 Franzbrötchen are baked everyday and each of them is crafted by hand! Every visit to them is a delight.
  1. Braaker Mühle – also a winner of the Franzbrötchen competition, Braaker Mühle dominates the bakery scene in the east of the city with its 15 branches and its presence at almost all of the city’s major weekly markets. Not only do their Franzbrötchen taste heavenly, but their version of Franzbrötchen was also voted the most beautiful out of all 47 participants in the 2018 competition!
  1.     Franz & Friends – the most experimental of Hamburg’s Franzbrötchen makers and the one chain that has it in their name! This is one bakery where you can satisfy your curiosities of mixing Franzbrötchen with seasonal fruits like strawberries, apples or with dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc. Besides, they have a weekly special when a selected variety of the Franzbrötchen is sold just for 1€ making you there at least once every week.