Our Story

How We Got Started

One day, Brent said: “This can’t be the only way to do tours, right?!” and he quit his old company. With a bunch of other guides he founded Robin and the Tourguides in order to provide the best tours they could imagine.

Since the day one, we have been showing places we love the most, talking about stories we find the most thrilling and telling jokes we steal from each other.

Our Mission

Robin and the Tourguides is dedicated to giving our guests excellent authentic experiences in our beautiful city of Hamburg.

We give our guides the freedom to develop their tours and content the way they think best while supporting them along the way resulting in outstanding tours and memories.

We are a local company that believes in the power of fair conditions with local businesses and partners as well as fair working conditions for our employees and guides.

Our Contribution

On our tours we especially support small and local companies, cafés, restaurants, breweries, to give a part of our success back to the community.

All of our financial transactions are done with GLS Bank, Germany´s first bank that works according to social-, environmental- and ecological-sustainable concepts.

As far as possible, we offer guided tours for refugees in Hamburg for a very small fee only.

Every profitable year we donate to charitable organizations:

  • 2015 Wikipedia and Kulturlotse e.V. (internet website for cultural events in Hamburg)
  • 2016 Sprachbrücke-Hamburg e.V. (speech aid for foreigners) and Westwind-Hamburg e.V. (mobility aid through bicycles)
  • 2017 International Seaman’s Club Duckdalben, Sperrgebiet St. Pauli (Safe Space for women and girls in St. Pauli) and Hamburg Leuchtfeuer (Hospice in St. Pauli)
  • 2018 NABU Germany (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union), environmental conservation projects.
  • 2022 Ukrainian refugees fleeing war
  • 2023 Ukrainian refugees fleeing war
  • 2024 UNICEF and Humanitarian help for Ukraine