As the summer comes to a close, Hamburg’s lush green parks metamorphosize into an ocean of colors with many shades of green, yellow, orange and brown depicted on their trees. Speaking of parks, did you know that almost 9 % of Hamburg’s total city area is public parks and another 9.5% of the city’s area is protected natural reserve?! Deservingly the city was voted as the “European Green Capital” in 2011. Here’s a list of our favorite parks for a colorful autumn stroll to enjoy before the clocks are reversed and the long dark winter kicks in.


City Park in Hamburg

Hamburg’s largest park is a magnet for nature lovers all year round. We love it even more in the autumn because once its many trees turn orange-red-yellow, pretty much every other corner of the park turns into a photo spot. A perfect place for a leisurely stroll or an energizing evening run. Once there, don’t forget to check out a “proper” beer garden in the city – the Landhaus Walter to the park’s north and the Sierich’s Biergarten on its south. 

Niendorfer Gehege

Niendorfer Gehege in Hamburg

Almost a forest right at one’s doorstep, spread on a whopping 150 hectares and at a distance of about 20 minutes from the city center, the Niendorfer Gehege is a forest inside Hamburg. Its 15 km long trekking trail is a particularly inviting location for long walks during the golden season when its flora shines in its most vibrant autumn colors. A special highlight are the free-living animals of the natural reserve area and if you’re lucky a few shy deer make show themselves during your autumn walk. A children’s play area and a pony farm make the Niendorfer Gehege popular among families as well.

Harburger Berge

Harburger Berge Park in Hamburg

Hamburg may be far away from the Alps, but if there is one place where Hamburgers need all-terrain shoes to go for a hike then it has to be the Harburg mountains, yes that’s what it literally means ???? Home to the city’s highest spot at 116.2 meters above ground level, this can be a challenging trek for many as one does do a number of ascents averaging between 40 to 70 meters while walking through the mixed forests. Admittedly, the Harburger Bergen are a little away from the city, but they can be easily reached with the S3 line from its Neuwiedenthal station. 

Jenisch Park

Jenisch Park in Hamburg

An ideal place to stroll around, jog or walk the dog, the Jenisch Park is equally popular with all. Designed in the style of an elegant English garden, the 42-hectare park stretches alongside the Elbe and offers enough space for beautiful autumn walks through rustling leaves. Those interested in art and culture should definitely make a stop at the Jenisch House and the Ernst Barlach Art Forum. And those who haven’t had enough of nature can stroll to the nearby botanical gardens and be enchanted by the exotic plants there.

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

the Ohlsdorfer Cemetery in Hamburg

Europe’s largest park cemetery is also an impressive natural area. Come autumn and the park turns into a colorful sea of leaves. The park offers an ideal opportunity for long reflective walks in the fresh air and is easily reachable with the S1 and the U1 lines. Given that it is also a cemetery where the last mortal remains of thousands of people are preserved, it promises to provide the spooky factor for an eerily walk on Halloween.