About us

Our Mission

Robin and the Tourguides is dedicated to giving our guests excellent authentic experiences in our beautiful city of Hamburg.

We give our guides the freedom to develop their tours and content the way they think best while supporting them along the way resulting in outstanding tours and memories.

We are a local company that believes in the power of fair conditions with local businesses and partners as well as fair working conditions for our employees and guides.

Meet the Team

Robin and the Tourguides was founded in 2014 by Brent and Matej, local guides who knew the profession well. They wanted to start a new company to provide high quality tours while giving their guides fair working conditions.

Brent Foster von Robin and the Tourguides


Brent likes showing other fellow English speakers the beauty and historic richness of the city while soaking up the many cultural experiences the city has to offer. He also organises the Hamburg Craft Beer Tasting Tours.


Matej especially appreciates the many parks in the city and the proximity to the water but also the local mentality. In his tours, Matej combines his passion for Hamburg and urban planning, often with a touch of ecology.


As a trained hotel and tourism manager, Christin is happy to answer all your questions about our tours and support the tour guides from her living room office.


Sabrina’s job is to make sure everything in the background works correctly, as well as improve the efficiency of Robin and the Tourguides as an organization. All this with a French touch, of course.