While hamburgers may have originated in Hamburg, its most popular sandwich does not have a beef patty in it, but fish. Yes, put a piece of smoked, fried or pickled fish inside a bread roll and you have the Fischbrötchen – one of Hamburg’s most widely consumed snacks today. The Fischbrötchen go well with the maritime flair of the city and people are easily convinced of their being a part of Hamburg’s culinary heritage. Here’s a list of our favorite Fischbrötchen joints in the city for you to try out. Afterall, it is one of the must-dos while you’re in Hamburg – having a hamburger..err…sorry, trying a Fischbrötchen ????

Bei den Sankt-Pauli-Landungsbrücken Nr. 10

Brücke 10 

A perennial favorite of ours, an all-weather place to enjoy a Fischbrötchen located right in the heart of its harbor. The Brücke 10 at the last pier of the Landungsbrücken is not really an insider tip as the area is always bustling with people, visitors and locals alike. Freshly baked bread and a wide choice of fish options, screeching seagulls and passing by ships make the Brücke 10 a place to try a Fischbrötchen even if you didn’t intend to have one – the atmosphere is just infectious, but in a healthy way! Try their Krabbenbrötchen and you will thank us always for this suggestion ???? (Bei den Sankt-Pauli-Landungsbrücken Nr.9)

 Kleine Haie, Große Fische 

If a döner kebab is not your choice snack during an evening of indulgence, then try a Fischbrötchen at the Kleine Haie, Große Fische. Located right in the heart of the party district of St. Pauli, their offering of Fischbrötchen is somewhat unique and also perhaps somewhat healthier than what the other fast-food joints, kebab stalls and pizzerias dotting the neighborhood offer. (Querstr. 4)


A refreshing new entrant on the Fischbrötchen scene of the city, the Underdocks promises to revolutionize the way Fischbrötchen are done and eaten in Hamburg. With a wide array of fusionized and innovative creations like corn-coated sardines and marinated black tiger shrimps, their Fischbrötchens are definitely ushering a new-era of street food in Hamburg – the Fischbrötchen 2.0, as they call it. (Neuer Kamp 13)

Expeimental Fischbrötchen
Altona Fish Market

Altonaer Fischmarkt

Any list of fish joints in Hamburg would be incomplete without a mention of its Sunday-morning highlight – the fish market or the Altonaer Fischmarkt as it’s officially known as. Traditionally, a fish mongers’ market, but now an attraction in its own right, the fish market has perhaps the densest fish offerings in the city, both raw and prepared. Our to-go place is the stand of Marx und Sohn and theirs is arguably the best Backfischbrötchen in the city. Try it with the garlic sauce. Num! Num! Num!  (Grosse Elbstrasse 9)