Most people don’t know, but today Hamburg is the largest importer of Coffee in the world importing over 76,000 tons of coffee every year, and tendencies are growing. In fact Germany alone imports around 80% of the world’s coffee reserves, mainly through the ports of Hamburg and Bremen. It should come as no surprise that Germany is also the world’s largest consumer of coffee, drinking around 162 litres on average per person per year. A world record!

With so much affluence in coffee there are many excellent cafes to enjoy while here in the city! Some are more modestly priced while others boast the world’s most expensive coffee, the infamous Kopi Luwak coffee, and will set you back €215 for a Kilogram bag. Here are our top 5 cafes to visit while visiting Hamburg!

Nordcoast Coffee Roastery

Located in the historic Deichstrasse in the middle of the city, this cafe shows excellence in their slow roasted sorts of coffee. This roastery claims that, just as in wine, the ground, climate and elevation of where the coffee beans are grown have a significant effect on the aroma of each type of coffee. Here you can try different types of roasts such as light, medium and espresso roasts, as well as an array of 6 different brewing techniques. Your conscience can be clean because all coffee is grown in sustainable and fair trade conditions.

The prices start at around €1.80 per cup of coffee and go up to €4.20, so it is an excellent value for their quality. Also, they have exceptional snacks such as waffles, Hummus and Açai bowls, banana-bread pancakes, sourdough bread topped with, for example, deviled eggs and avocado among many other delicious and healthy inviting snacks. So you can enjoy an excellent bite to eat here!

This cafe is perfect for people with time to enjoy their top quality brewed coffee in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and delightful service staff as well as baristas. Also, be ready for the wait for a table as there is usually, due to high demand, a line to be seated and it takes time to brew coffee right! Our tip is to reserve a time online to skip the usual wait to get in, which is possible Fridays to Sundays.

Address: Deichstraße 9. For more information visit:

Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei

Located in the historic and UNESCO world heritage Speicherstadt (or the Warehouse-District), the Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei is an institution for coffee lovers the world over! Here you can enjoy dozens of different coffees as well as see and smell the slow coffee roasting of historic methods. In this cafe you will not only enjoy their wonderful coffee but also enjoy the historic atmosphere of the Speicherstadt warehouse built in 1888. There are also a wide range of cakes, pastries as well as waffels among many other delightful treats to choose from while enjoying your daily caffeine doses.

Also, for groups and events they offer coffee tastings to discover some of the 800 different aromas that coffee can have. These tastings are given, of course, from one of their many coffee experts and delves into the immense as well as diverse world of coffee. A must for any groups visiting the city and wanting to celebrate the world of coffee. (Please note that tasting might be affected by the corona lockdown. Please check their website to see if tastings are offered.)

For those that would like to take a souvenir with you, they also have a wonderful gift shop for anything related to coffee, including coffee beans, hand-grinders, mugs, postcards, actual Coffee plants, rarities, filter systems, candies and coffee sugars among many other things.

Address: Kehrwieder 5. For more information visit:

Cafe Paris

This cafe is also an institution here in Hamburg. A wonderful place to enjoy a quick croissant, fruit salad or a nice Sunday brunch. It is located in the middle of the city center just a two minute walk from the town hall. The building itself is a former member of the Hamburg stock exchange decorated inside with wonderful historical tiling. The tiles were important to make sure all bids could be heard through all the ruckus of offers and bidings being traded during its stock exchange days.

Today, it boasts a wonderful Parisian flair as well as food and drink. It is definitely one of the most favorite places for many locals to enjoy a well deserved breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is also modestly priced for breakfast times, however, the prices do go up during the day and evening times. Our tip is to get up early and enjoy the early bird breakfast prices.

Address: Rathausstraße 4. For more information visit:


There are 5 Mutterland cafes in Hamburg and each has their own charm as well as flair. We can recommend them all but especially the one next to the Rathaus, the Mutterland Cölln’s (address: Brodschrangen 1-5). Mutterland is a wonderful cafe that is ecologically friendly and offers delightful regional cakes, fresh bread, meals and coffees. It is a cafe with tradition and delicacies. All their ingredients are fair trade and organic resulting in phenomenal quality. However, their service is also second to none!

They also have a wonderful gift shop with local chocolates, jams, tees, coffees, schnapps, biscuits, sweets and sometimes hartier meals such as Labskaus in tins, which is an old sailor’s dish (basically ground roast beef with potatoes, vegetables and red beets). There you will definitely find some wonderful gifts or souvenirs to take home with you! 

With this cafe you are sure to not be doing any harm to the environment as they have environmentally friendly packaging, only consume green energy, use only ingredients from the region that are seasonally grown, are socially responsible as they donate all their leftovers to local charities, for example, food shelters and offset all carbon dioxide that they produce. They also offer a 50% discount on all their fresh products starting from an hour before they close to minimize waste and let their customers in on a fair discount. But the main reason to go is their fresh and delicious dishes and wonderfully aromatic coffees.

Address: Brodschrangen 1-5, more information visit:

Elbgold Kaffeerösterei

The Elbgold Kaffeerösterei is located in the middle of Hamburg’s alternative district, or the Schanzen quarters. It stands for high quality and directly traded coffee from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras and other locations. It is fair traded coffee that is excellently brewed. Here you can find dozens of different coffee styles, so you are sure to find the best suited coffee for you and your friends.

The Cafe has a modern look but also offers a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy their pastries and coffee while maybe checking some emails or doing some quick errands online. It also offers a lot of space as it is located in the former historical slaughterhouse complex. But no worries, those bloody days are over and it is home to many gourmet restaurants as well as the Ratsherrn Brewery next door. You can also buy packaged coffee beans to take home with you or an array of specialty coffee filtration systems so you can brew like the professionals at home.

They strictly keep the environment in mind as they offer reusable cups that can be washed instead of thrown away. A huge plus for every conscious minded coffee lover!

Address: Lagerstraße 34c; For more information visit:

This Blog was written by Brent Foster from Robin and the Tourguides. If visiting Hamburg be sure to visit the Free Tours from Robin and the Tourguides. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to the city!