As Covid-19 restrictions are starting to ease, many more Bars and restaurants are starting to open up here in Hamburg. Now, finally, it is possible to visit our favorite craft breweries and bars after such a long exodus. Hamburg, being the craft beer capital of Germany, has many places to choose from, but only a few places deserve the recognition of truly being an authentic local craft beer bar. Maybe not as hyped or marketed as much as the others, but these are truly the regional craft beer heros that are not afraid of making a statement with their extraordinary beers. Here is our list of the 5 most authentic local craft beer bars to visit while in Hamburg!

Oorlam Bar

Located in the center of the city, Oorlam Bar is the official tap-room for Buddelship brewery, a brewery run by Brewmaster, Simon Siemsglüss. They have a total of 15 taps to choose from and are constantly changing taps to make for a never ending variation to their sortiment. Also expect collaboration brews from other breweries to be served here along with Simon’s excellent barrel aged beers, wonderful IPA series and delightful sour beers among other styles. There is always something for everybody here at this bar.

It is a cozy and local bar in every sense of the word. Here you can enjoy high quality beers as well as snacks. They have an excellent menu of French salamies or Dutch cheeses along with locally fresh baked breads and soups among other snacks. With all the different beers and snacks, it is truly an explosion of flavours to enjoy while visiting!

If that weren’t enough, Oorlam bar also boasts an excellent variety of genevers… an old style of gin. Simon just happens to be married to a wonderful genever distiller who also presents her fine genevers in the bar or on request give craft beer and genever pairings as well as tastings. This bar is for real craft beer connoisseurs!

Oorlam Bar
Buddelship Brewery
Baby Goat Bar in Hamburg, Germany
Goat Beer

The Baby Goat Bar

This delightfuly cozy bar is located on the wonderful Street of Grindelhof in the student district of Rothenbaum and unlike many restaurants on the street, it has space for a nice beer garden in front of the bar. With 8 Taps and bottled beer you will be sure to find a beer style you like. You can also order chips, onion rings or other wonderful dishes and they even have food for vegans!

Their beers are well tempered and blended. For those that want a drinkable pilsener or session there are no worries that they will beat it down with massive bitter hops! But for those looking for a nice IPA, they will also be delighted with their creations. Alcohol free beers are also offered in bottles from the fridge.

This craft beer bar started with an incredible friendship between Chris and Thomas, who met each other while playing field hockey here in Hamburg. They started brewing beer in their garage and thought it was such a great idea that they made their way all the way to Edinburgh to study beer brewing. 

While studying they went once to Spain for a vacation and asked a local where the best bar in the city was. The local said they should definitely visit the “Baby Goat Bar”. They searched for the bar the whole night while asking every passerby if they knew where the bar was… But to no success. 

The next day they happened to see the local who recommended the bar and told him their story from the night before. The local couldn’t stop laughing and admitted he made the story up sending them in vain the whole night on an adventure. Back in Hamburg they decided to then make the Baby Goat Bar a reality with a meaning of always searching and seeking for something that maybe isn’t there.

This is a great bar to relax and enjoy the weather if it is nice out as well as drink a few splendid craft beers.

Malto Shanghiat Bar

This bar is also a very cozy bar, or in fact the Taproom of Shanghiat Brewery, a nano brewery here in the city. They have just renovated the bar which has added a nice touch to the atmosphere and sometimes they also invite restaurants as guests to do food pairings with their beer. Located in the frequented Max-Brauer-Allee in Altona it is very centrally located.

Francesco, the brewer, is always trying new beers with a twist and sharing his creations with the community. They also have delicious food if no beer tastings are going on and it is always interesting to listen to Francesco explain his inspirations for his beers. He is one motivated brewer that puts a lot of fantasy into his craft.

They also have a beer garden in summer when the weather is permitting. So a great place to enjoy a fantastic beer in the sun!

Shanghait bar

Galopper des Jahres

Located in the heart of the infamous Schanzen quarter, this bar is as true to craft beer as it is rustical. It is in the Schulterblatt street right next to the squated Rote Flora theater. The have 12 different taps and a dozen or so bottled beers. They are a cooperation between a bakery during the day and bar with club at night time as well as a cinema among other functionalities.

You can often find events here as well like live music, pub quizzes, Meet-the-Brewers gatherings, and many other events. There are also many famous restaurants in the area so it is very convenient to visit before or after a nice meal in the area.

You will find many local beers here as well as regional breweries. However, they do tend to stay away from the many international corporate breweries which helps the local brewery scene. Many times you can meet brewers from these local breweries enjoying their evening off here. A great place for insiders and novices to meet with each other.

Craft Beer Flight
Alles Elbe Bar

Alles Elbe Bar

Alles Elbe or translated “Everything Elbe”, gets their inspiration from the Elbe river that flows through Hamburg, starting in the Czech Republic and eventually flowing into the North See. They host an ever changing tap list from local breweries as well as many times Czech breweries and have many regional snacks that go perfect with their beers.

Located in the heart of St.Pauli it is only a short stroll from the Reeperbahn, and for the same price as getting a mass produced boring beer on the Reeperbahn, one can enjoy the great flavors of craft brewed beer brewed along the Elbe river.

It is a great cozy place with friendly service with a home-style touch. with 8 taps and several fridges with bottles, you will definitely get to try some great local as well as Czeck beers!

Landgang Brewery Bar

This craft beer bar is located directly in the Landgang brewery and offers an excellent backdrop for a few great beers. Their bar container is outfitted with repurposed woods which give it an old maritime feeling. With 10 different taps, you can try many different styles of their beers. They also have tasting flights with 5 of their most popular beers to choose from.

Probably known as Hamburg’s only democratic brewery. Every time the brewery is ready to brew another style of beer they brew 5 different recipes of it and when ready, invite the community in to rate the different beers. Of course, the recipe with the most votes is the one they brew in the end. But everyone is still a winner with the free drinks and fun of being able to participate in the brewing process!

This brewery touts a great selection of hoppy beers, from their Lager or Pilsner to sours, IPAs, Stouts and barrel aged varieties. The Brew master, Sascha, is always seen working his craft in the background or enjoying his after-work beer in the evening… Just don’t mistake him though for an intern due to his young looks 😉

Also, they do have a lot of events at the brewery taking place. For example, comedy nights, bingo evenings, pub quizzes, bbq and other food events, brewery tours as well as brewing courses among other things. There is a lot enjoy at this brewery!

Landgang Brauerei
Landgang Brewery Beers

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