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Tips and Partners

Our partners

Fluchtweg Hamburg – Escape Room
At our friends Fluchtweg Hamburg you can experience the live adventure. Prove your teamwork and puzzle solving skills by finding the way out of the room. You only have 60 minutes. Counting now ...

Orientteppiche Tabrizi
Mr Tabrizi has been distributing beautiful oriental rugs in Speicherstadt in the traditional way since 30 years. He opens his warehouse for us on the Speicherstadt Tour.

Kaffeemuseum Burg Speicherstadt
The Coffeemuseum ´Burg` in the Speicherstadt offers traditionally roasted coffee in a historical atmosphere. On our Speicherstadt tour we visit it for a coffee tasting and short break.

Teekontor Wasserschloß
The former technical building in Speicherstadt is today a restaurant and a fantastic tea store. Here we take our tea break on the Speicherstadt Tour.

Ameron Hotel Speicherstadt
Established recently as the first hotel in the warehouse district, Ameron gives us the opportunity to have a look into the unique old coffee exchange building on our Speicherstadt Tour.

Buddelship Brauerei
This young craft beer brewery from Hamburg reveiled their secrets of beer brewing to us. We frequently include their beers in our beer tasting because ... they taste so good!

Recommendations for the city

Every day on our City Centre Tour we walk past this beautiful little café in Deichstraße. The café shows the specific old merchand's atmosphere.

Hotel Village
Once the most elegant brothel in northern Germany, it is today a cozy hotel with a unique charme located close to the central station.

Restaurant Via Toselli
On our way to the St. Pauli-Free tour there is this little Italian restaurant - a good choice for a short delicious break.

More things to do in Hamburg

Besides on our tours Stephan and his team are on the road with their bicycle rikshaws to show the city in a very personal and exceptional way


Free Walking Tours we recommend

Copenhagen Free Walking Tours
Our colleagues from Copenhagen helped us immensely to start our own project.

Dublin Free Walking Tour
Peter from "Dublin Free Walking Tour" visited us in Hamburg and shared his treasure of experience with us.

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