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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide city tours as we would like to have them if we were visitors here:

  • authentic: we want to keep it real.
  • local: with the insight of a local
  • personal: from the personal perspective of the guide
  • special: including points of interest which you might not see on other tours
  • entertaining: we all steal each other´s jokes ;-)


Free Tours

We like the concept of free tours, which allow the visitor to decide freely after the tour to give to the guide what they thinks is appropriate or what they can afford. For these tours, we would like to get a fair payment. At the same time, we think its fair to give the decision about that to you. We are convinced that good performance is also well rewarded.
This means as well that no traveler needs to register for a tour and can spontaneously decide whether he wants to join a walking tour or postpone it to the next day. You will find us at the meeting point every single day of the year without exception!
Since you decide about the payment in the end, you can be sure that we, the guides, do our best to give you an excellent tour!

Robin‘s Specials

With these tours we try to top your expectations. Here we focus on a selected topic and let you get a deep insight into it (and a touch and a taste!). These tours have a fixed price.

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