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Our Philosophy

Robin and the Tourguides

is a young and authentic local company working in the industry of city tours and stays in Hamburg. We and the independent self-employed tour guides we collaborate with are Hamburgians and want you to experience Hamburg in this way, in which we do daily: with all the beauty and charm, but also its inconsistancies and cracks, that belong to every city. Or better said, authentic.

We do tours that we ourselves would want:

  • Authentic: We go further into the causes and take a look behind the facade.
  • Local: We bring all of our Hamburg experiences with us.
  • Personal: Every guide presents Hamburg from their own view with their personal history to the city.
  • Special: We discover places that one as a tourist usually would not see and tell the history of them.
  • Entertaining: We steal each others best jokes ;-)

Moreover, we can organize for you the many areas of Hamburg: Historic city centre, St.Pauli, Speicherstadt (old warehouse district), Elbphilharmonie, Hafencity, Blankenese, craft beer tastings, harbour boat tours, coffee and tea tastings...and so on.

Free Tours

365 days per year we and the independent self-employed tour guides we collaborate with offer so-called "Free Tours". The Free Tours are often mistaken for "tours that cost nothing" or "tours for tips". We do not find this description fitting. With these tours we wish a fair pay for our performance, at the same time we find it fair that you decide what amount is fair. The income remains with the guide except for a commission (fixed amount per paying guest) for the organisation of the tours. We are convinced, that great performance will also be well payed for. This motivates us to give a great tour every single time and gives an opportunity for those that can not normally afford a tour to experience the best that the city has to offer.
This offer of free tours is meant for lone-travelers with family or friends. Small groups of up to 8 people can join the tours. Larger groups will not be admitted to the tours. For this we offer private tours (please see below).

Craft Beer Tasting Tour

With our unique Craft Beer Tasting Tour we explore the theme of "Hamburg´s beers" with all senses. Seven high quality and hand crafted beers will be tasted on this sensual tour. You will discover over 1,000 years of brewing tradition in Hamburg and discover hidden places in St.Pauli.

Your personal Hamburg experience: Private Tours and more

With private tours and events we stand by your side with all our Hamburg experience to create the most fitting time for you – from single tours to a complete Hamburg packet. We offer almost everything that one could want here in the city:

The historic city centre, UNESCO Speicherstadt & Kontorhaus quarter, the Reeperbahn, our party and red-light district, the scenes of Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie, craft beer, harbour boat tours, coffee and tea museums, etc ...
You can decide where to start, length, route, content and all the things around them. Special Highlights are tours with boats or coaches or tours in combination with other events like, for example, escape rooms.

Local and social obligations

We are a small local company in Hamburg and are growing year for year together with our city. We are happy to contribute to our local community.

First, we want to let people join our free tours that have a limited budget. For example, we offer, for a small oranisation fee, private tours for refugees.

We donate every profitable year to charitable organizations:

  • 2015 for Wikipedia and for Kulturlotse e.V. (internet website for cultural events in Hamburg)
  • 2016 for Sprachbrücke-Hamburg e.V. (speech aid for foreigners) and for Westwind-Hamburg e.V. (mobility aid through bicycles)
  • 2017 for International Seaman's Club Duckdalben, for Sperrgebiet St. Pauli (Safe Space for women and girls in St. Pauli) and for Hamburg Leuchtfeuer (Hospice in St. Pauli)
  • 2018 for NABU Germany (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union), for environmental conservation projects
  • 2022 for Ukrainian refugees
  • 2023 for Ukrainian refugees

On our tours we also especially support small and local companies, cafés, restaurants, breweries, to give a part of our success back to the community.

We offer fair conditions to independent self-employed guides collaborating with us. We are a company that is founded, organized, and run by guides themselves so we create conditions for us and all guides that we ourselve would want.

All of our financial transactions are done with GLS Bank, Germany´s first bank that works according to social-, environmental- and ecological-sustainable concepts.


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The Free Tour Community is a cooperation of independent companies offering highly rated free tours worldwide that are run by locals.

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